Lyrics of "Yves", song written and sung by his brother François in December, 2000.


You the brother that I had
You have not lived long enough
Victim of the army

I've never seen you again
A boat came
And took me to another land

You were the eldest of my brothers
And ten years older than me
Really too much older to know you

Life changed
Soldiers carried you away
To make you disappear

I will never forget you
Your memory is engraved
In the deepest part of my mind

In my whole universe
You were much more than a brother
A faithful friend, a true one

I remember your happiness
When I was hanging on to you
Without wanting to let you go

During all my childhood games
I could occasionally
Mak the best of your presence

I was not afraid of bumps
I did not know when I was a kid
That I had been lucky

No doubt, If I can
I will try to bring back
The past, the past now so dark

In my distant memories
Your face becomes uncertain
Your life was too short

I didn’t know you long enough
But I have seen you many times
In pictures or in my dreams

Even if my end is coming
If I do not see Yves again
I will not, I will never have peace
Never again

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